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 The Hunger Games

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PostSubject: The Hunger Games   The Hunger Games I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 02, 2012 7:03 pm

Winning means fame and fortune. Losing means certain death.

In what was once called North America now lies the nation of Panem. The center of Panem is the shining Capitol, a luxurious area with distorted views of good and evil. The area surrounding the Capitol is less glorious, made of twelve districts where the people work like slaves for the benefit of the capitol. In order to keep the people of these districts under control, and to keep the people of the Capitol entertained, a cruel game has been devised. This game, called The Hunger Games, pits twenty four people, a male and a female from each district, against each other in a fight to the death. This fight is pitted in an arena with cameras for the people of the Capitol and the districts to watch the fight. The arena is always filled with all sorts of traps and creatures waiting to whittle down the number of tributes.

You have been chosen for the hunger games. You must now go to the Capitol, where you will spend a week training with your mentor, being made beautiful by others so that you have a chance of getting sponsors, and going to interviews with Caesar Flickerman, showing the public who you are. This is the time to spend making strategies and plans so that you have a hope for winning the Games.


A long time ago, the thirteen districts and Capitol lived together. However, the districts united against the Capitol in what is currently known as the Dark Days. The Capitol emerged victorious. The districts fell, the thirteenth obliterated. As a reminder to the districts to never repeat the Dark Days, the Hunger Games started.

You are a tribute from one of the districts, having been chosen in The Reaping. Each of the districts has a different specialization. One is precious gemstones, Two is masonry, Three is electronics, Four is seafood, Five is power, Six is transportation, Seven is wood, Eight is textiles, Nine is grain, Ten is livestock, Eleven is agriculture, and Twelve is coal. Districts One, Two, and Four are career district, where tributes will often train their entire lives just for the games. The career tributes are often the winners, since they enter the arena knowing how to use weapons and fight viciously, as well as they are favourites of the sponsors. District One is the wealthiest district, and they gradually get poorer until District Twelve, the poorest of districts which is almost always on the brink of starvation.

The Reaping
Every year, two tributes, a male and a female, are chosen by raffle from each district. Once a child of a district turns twelve, their name is entered once in the raffle, twice when they're thirteen, thrice when they are fourteen, and so on until they turn nineteen and are not in the raffle anymore. Children are allowed to get tesserae, which give their family a year long supply of grain and oil at the price of having extra slips of your name in the raffle. Children can buy however many tesserae they want.

Justice Building

After being reaped, tributes go to the Justice Building, usually a very nice place, to say goodbye to their loved ones. Tributes can being one thing from their district as a token to wear in the arena. If they do not already have something with them, a friend might give them a district token. The tokens are not allowed to be weapons or anything that could be used as a weapon, and will be confiscated if they are found to be weapons.


Each of the tributes boards onto a separate train from the Capitol immediately after saying goodbye to their loved ones. Tributes each have a room on the train, with a cushioned bed and drawers with nice clothing they will wear. There is also a dining room, in which the tributes can enjoy rich meals. The tributes mentors are on the train with them.

Arriving at Capitol

Tributes will arrive at the Capitol. They share a building, with one district's tributes on each floor. District One tributes will be on the first floor, while District Twelve's will be on the highest. On on the roof is a garden. There is a force field around the garden, so as to keep any tributes from jumping off the roof. On the day before going to the arena, tributes will be in separate buildings.

Opening Ceremonies

Each of the tributes meets their stylist, a citizen of the Capitol who will design their clothes and hopefully attract sponsors. During the Opening Ceremonies, tributes wear costumes by their stylist reflecting their district's industry. District One's tributes might wear a jumpsuit covered in jewels; District Four's might be covered in netting; District Seven's might be dressed up as trees; District Twelve's might wear a coal miner's outfit. The wealthier Districts usually have grander outfits and are presented better. This will give the audience a first impression, and hopefully attract sponsors.


Tributes will train together for three days. There are different stations, each with separate instructors. There are a variety of things to learn, including knot tying, camouflage, sword fighting, edible plants, tree climbing, and more. Private training begins after the third, and tributes can show of their skills to the Gamemakers then. Private training starts with the boy from One and ends with the girl from Twelve. The Gamemakers will give each tribute a score, with one being the absolute worst and twelve being practically impossible to achieve. The scores will be made public that night.

Interview preparation

Tributes will receive four hours of training with their Capitol attendant on acting presentable. This may include things like posture and walking. They will also train for four hours with their mentor on building a personality and attracting sponsors. Every tribute goes for a certain approach, whether it be humble, sly, humorous, or vicious. Their stylist will prepare a dazzling outfit for them to wear during the interview.


Each of the tributes spends three minutes having an interview with Caesar Flickerman in front of the entire country. He tries to put the nervous tributes at ease and will help turn a lame answer into a hilarious one. It starts with One, ending with Twelve. Unlike with the private training, the females go first in the interview. The interview is one of the most important parts to charming the audience and getting sponsors because it allows the tributes to show the audience who they really are.

-Absolutely no powerplaying or godmodding. Allow other characters a chance to react when attacking them, and don't dodge every hit that comes at you. Everyone eventually gets hurt.
-This is literate, so please, write at least five sentences per post, with proper grammar, spelling, and all that other stuff.
-Please write in first person present tense. Yes, different from most roleplays, but try your best.
-Keep stuff PG-13, please, violence and romance especially. No need to be scarring any minds here, so be vague on the description and use fade to black if it really comes to that.
-Please write which character is speaking before your post. Ex, I'd write 'Lucian Rosseau, District Four Male' before my post.
-Since only one tribute can win the games, I will use a random number generator each day to pick which tribute must die. You can then create their death however you want. Also, don't feel limited to the random numbers, you're allowed to kill off charries whenever you want. NPCs will be killed off by me.
-Do not reference any characters from the books, they never existed. Caesar Flickerman and President Snow are exceptions.
-Characters are not perfect, make sure they have at least a couple flaws.

Character Bios
Username: (Yours)
Full Name: (The characters, first, possibly middle, and last)
Age: (Between 12 and 18)
Gender: (Pretty straightforward)
Sexuality: (Straight, bi, gay, etc.)
District: (Make sure the spot isn't taken)
Appearance: (Written, minimum of five sentences)
Picture: (Optional)
Personality: (Min of three sentences)
History: (Min of four sentences)
Crush: (Optional)
Skills: (What they're good at)
Other: (Please delete my parenthetical rambling and write what tense you are supposed to write posts in)

My Character
Username: Icewing
Full Name: Lucian Alexander Rosseau
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
District: District Four
Appearance: Lucian is quite tall, standing at 6'1". He has a thin, lean build from years of swimming and diving, and is nicely muscled. Lucian's hair is a bleach blond in colour, reaching his shoulders in length. It is cut in a shaggy style so that it looks messy even after he brushes it. His bangs are often hanging in his eyes, although Lucian will sometimes pull his hair back in a ponytail to keep it out of his face. He has pale gray-blue eyes that appear to be almost white at some times. His skin is very tan from being out in the sun often.

Lucian generally is standing with perfect posture, with his back straight and his chin up. He looks people in the eye with a steady gaze, and is very good at keeping his face devoid of emotion, thus making Lucian a master at lying. He is often smiling, however, and almost always has some sort of expression on his face. Lucian walks with a slight limp, whether it is actual or just psychosomatic, nobody is quite sure, not even Lucian himself.
Picture: None
Personality: Lucian is generally a very friendly person, and is very good with people. He is very altruistic, and cares more about others than himself usually. Of course, every human has a selfish side, and Lucian will sometimes only care about himself when he is put under pressure.

He usually cares a lot about other people, and is almost always trying to help someone when they are injured. He can be a bit cruel, however, and sometimes will decide that the best way to help someone is to put them out of their misery, which most people would rather not happen to them.
History: Growing up in District Four, Lucian learned how to swim from a young age. He was very good at swimming and fishing, and thus his family was one of the better off ones, since they always had a lot of fish to sell. Because of the fact that they earned most of their money from the fish, Lucian never had to submit for extra tesserae, and thus only ever had a small chance of getting chosen for the Hunger Games. When he was 16, his younger brother was chosen for the games, and brutally murdered. His family didn't earn as much money afterwards, since they had one less person to fish, so Lucian had to get extra tesserae so they would have enough food. This year, his name was chosen.
Crush: Open
Skills: Fishing and swimming.
Other: First person is always interesting, especially present tense.

Characters Accepted
District One
District Two
District Three
District Four
Male: Lucian Alexander Rosseau(Icewing)
District Five
District Six
District Seven
District Eight
District Nine
District Ten
District Eleven
District Twelve

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The Hunger Games
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