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 Runica Mountians (Sign ups)

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PostSubject: Runica Mountians (Sign ups)   Runica Mountians (Sign ups) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 03, 2012 11:42 pm

You and your high school buddies go on a field trip. Your camping on a legendary mountain. Theres been many rumors about this place but you guys think its a joke. The teachers tell everyone to stick together so you do. But when night falls you decide to gather friends and go north to what people call the Runica Runes. Theres been rumors about when child walk on the land of this sandy rune they will faint and the sand will eat them. Some say it puts you into a new word. But no one knows. But really it does both eats your body and puts you in a new world as human / runica . This world is not connected to the human's world anymore. I'ts a place where dreams and nightmares come alive. A place thats like a maze and you never know if you just close your eyes for a second you might end up in complete darkness or in the ocean. Can you out live this dream or nightmare or will it eat you alive..buy demons, Is there a way to break out of this place... no one knows...

History on what a runica is ~ It's a spirit or creature that is human but has something that shouldn't be in a human..they may look human on the outside but really there not Each Runica has a power, what it is could be anything from elements to making there bodies teleport . Its all random depends on what the Rune's give you. Runica have allot of speed to but there three kinds of Runica witch makes them all interesting

Water Runica ~ There skin is more blueish or greenish navy , they have the ability to swim and breath underwater. Have webbed arms and feet and hands faces too. Can have spots on skin. There tails are like shake like or dolphin like. Also has flatten ears to head.

Looks like this but with fins on back


Land Runica ~ Grey or tan brown. Hard armor on them like rockish but there very fast. There not good swimmers thought. But if they use there speed they can run over water. They have sharp nails and claws. and horns on there body like blades for protection. There marking are lines or strpies on body. long tails and pointy ears.

Sky Runica ~ There White with No markings. They have four wings two big ones and two small ones under them. ost have bird wings of all kinds but in rare moments they have bat wings. The have elf like ears and There body is smooth as well.

Like this also bat wings are like this too. Sky runica's always have four wings no matter what unless they loss one. (and this is Xrelio I play him he is a mystery character. )

UserName ~
Nicknames ~
Age ~ (14 - 19)
Looks ~ (pic or descpition)
Personality ~
Runica ~ (water , Land or sky ) <--- Pick one.
Power ~

Rules ~
1.Well cussing is a allowed but Block it like this H*ll mini cussing not full >_> I don't want to see every word a cuss word thank you.
2.Romance is allowed pg 13.
3. Have fun

My Character (WIP) <-- thinking XD
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Runica Mountians (Sign ups)
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