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 Roleplay Medium: The Offical Rule Book

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Roleplay Medium: The Offical Rule Book Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay Medium: The Offical Rule Book   Roleplay Medium: The Offical Rule Book I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 02, 2012 3:42 pm

These are the rules. There very simple i think I tried to make them easy for everyone. These are all the rules

Chat box rules

1. No fighting (If you have a problem ask one of the chat mods or a mod)
2. No Cussing
3. No random spamming Ex ~ jgbdskjfnjsdngng <---- Or -----> Typing like 20 times in a row.
4. No Adult stuff what so ever!
5. Don't rp in the chat box (That's why we have forums)
6. Have fun

The Forum Rules

1. Respect everyone
2. Romance is allowed here (Keep it pg 13)
3. No God modding or power playing (Taking someone's characters )
4.No Mary sues (Meaning Oh so perfect characters.. no ones perfect! So don't make them perfect.)
5. Minor cussing is allowed if someone says it is.
6. No spamming
7. Have fun Wink
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Roleplay Medium: The Offical Rule Book
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