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 Roleplay Medium: The Unoffical Rule Book

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The Pureblood Princess
The Pureblood Princess

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PostSubject: Roleplay Medium: The Unoffical Rule Book   Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:54 pm

This is Renea's version of the Rule Book, a more amusing way of putting it.It's actually not important unless you are a newbie.

Chat Box Rules
I. Don't talk to Purple-named people.
- This means Dusty, Rem is okay.
II. Fear the Green-named people.
- Especially Icewing!
III. Don't streak in the Chatbox.
IV. No matter what Rem and Renea say, there is no hot tub.
V. Don't ask if you can water the plants.

Forum Rules
I. When it comes to greetings, only accept Renea's cookies.
II. Don't streak in the Forums.
III. Poke random people in the eye when you are chatting out of character.
IV. Don't feed the Green-named people Ramen.
-Especially Icewing!
V. Blue-named people have the right to ask you to juggle, you must obey.

This has been the UNOFFICAL Rule Book.


Len ♥️ Ven
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Roleplay Medium: The Unoffical Rule Book
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