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 Roleplay Medium: The Most Unofficial of All Rulebooks

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PostSubject: Roleplay Medium: The Most Unofficial of All Rulebooks   Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:09 pm

These are all the most unofficial rules, made precisely to confuse all of you!

Catbox Chatbox Rules
1. Keep your limbs to yourself. Otherwise they will be eaten.
-Renea is particularly fond of arms
2. No sharing of food. Give it all to Icewing
3. No matter what the other rulebooks say, there is a hot tub. And a spa. And a flesh eating zombie
-The flesh eating zombie is named Renea
4. Emoticons and bagels are strictly forbidden.
-Unless Renea is there. Then they are appreciated.
5. Light is also forbidden
6. Also use Dusty as a duster

Forum Rules
1. Renea's cookies are poisoned. The only food to accept at all times are Icewing's brownies.
2. Roleplay characters are not allowed to commit homicide, however, regular users are.
3. Flowers taste good, so please eat them.
4. Any user who is Cyan, Purple, Green, or White should not be trusted.
5. Be very afraid oh the ONE EYED PURPLE PEEPERS!!!!! Espically DustyPants He just pop up on you like a dust bunny pops up from the ground like a daisy.
6. Icewing is to be worshiped. Offerings of food should be given every minute.
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Roleplay Medium: The Most Unofficial of All Rulebooks
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